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COVID Procedures

Before leaving home:

Because it is mandatory that our bathroom be sanitized after every single use, all STARS are required to use the restroom before leaving home and arrive already properly dressed for class. We teachers want to spend the precious time we have with your kids dancing, not sanitizing the restroom.



1. enter the parking lot from St. Paul

2. proceed across the back of the parking lot to the edge by Dominos

3. Head towards the house still at the edge of the parking lot then left along the back of the house toward the studio.

4.KEEP YOUR STAR IN YOUR CAR until you reach the walk-way leading to the deck as designated on the attached map.

5. Exit on St. Paul the same place you entered.

IF WALKING YOUR STAR TO THE DROP-OFF AREA – 1. enter from St. Paul 2. Park in row 2, 3,4, etc. NOT IN THE FRONT STAFF ONLY ROW 3. Walk your STAR all the way to the drop-off star designated on the attached map.


WHEN PICKING UP – Follow the same route as drop-off. All STARS will be released to the grassy area. The designated pick-up area if you are driving is near the back corner of the house. If you are parking, you may walk up and get them but they will NOT be allowed to leave the grassy area to meet you at your parked car.

EVERYONE must exit to St. Paul Ave. NO ONE may exit out onto Broad St.

Since our lobby will be closed, all dancers (with the exception of our Starlettes) will need to be dropped off 5 minutes before the start of their first class when they will be invited into the building.

  • Starlettes because of their age and the fact that they will be the only class in the building, are allowed to be accompanied by only 1 adult per dancer (siblings and extra family members will not be allowed).
  • Once Starlettes class is over, everyone will be asked to exit promptly so that we can sanitized before our older dancers arrive.
  • If you arrive more than 5 minutes before the first class, please have your dancer/twirler either wait in your car with you or stand on an X on our deck and wait. Your STAR will be welcomed into the building by a staff member 5 minutes before class starts. Please do not leave the parking lot until your STAR has entered the building.
  • Once classes begin, the doors will be locked.

In-studio procedures:

  • Masks will be required to enter Rising Stars and will be worn at all times in all common areas of the studio.
  • Once inside, your child will use our touchless hand sanitizing station then proceed to a socially distanced X in the lobby until her assigned dance room is cleared. When given the ok she will place her bag on an X along the wall in her dance room and then go to her assigned 6×6 box which we have taped off in every room.
  • Because food/beverages are not allowed in our dance rooms, please be sure your dancers bag contains only a bottle of WATER if needed, her dance shoes and her baton if she is a twirler. Please note the Pepsi machine will be covered and unavailable.
  • Our schedule has been modified so that each color/level/group (ie: purple, blue, Starburst, etc.) of STARS remains in the same dance room the entire time they are here and only the teachers will change rooms.
  • Masks will be worn at all times in common areas of the studio. Masks may be removed for Breathe Breaks at which time every dancers will be required to remain in their own 6×6 box.
  • Teachers will give verbal/hands-off/no-contact corrections.
  • Twirlers will no longer be exchanging batons.
  • The barres may occasionally be used for balance provided that each STAR has their own barre cover. DIY instructions for barre covers will be provided in a separate document. Mats will not be used in any class.
  • Classes will be dismissed at XX:25 and XX:55. Once done for the night, dancers will be asked to gather their belongings and leave promptly. Please be sure to be here waiting for them as they are dismissed.
  • Our dance rooms will be sanitized between each color/level/group (ie: between KinderStars and Pink, between Clog 2 and Clog 3, anytime there is a change-over of students) as well as every night after the final STAR has left the building.

Parent/Guardian responsibilities:

  • Please review safety measures with your STAR.
  • If your STAR or anyone they are in contact with are not feeling well, running a fever, etc. please keep her home.
  • Please drop-off/pick-up your STAR promptly.

Rising Stars staff responsibilities:

  • Please know that the entire Rising Stars staff will treat your child (and therefore, her health and safety) as if she is our own, because in our hearts she is.

I have tried SO hard to think of every possible thing that will keep our kids safe, but should you still have concerns, PLEASE reach out to me and make them known. It matters!