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COVID Procedures


First and foremost, please remember there is NO PARKING up by the grass, by the house or by the utility pole next to the building as this is our thoroughfare for drop-off and pick-up. 

IF DROPPING OFF – 1. enter the parking lot from St. Paul 2. proceed across the back of the parking lot to the edge by Dominos 3. Head towards the house still at the edge of the parking lot then left along the back of the house toward the studio.  4.  KEEP YOUR STAR IN YOUR CAR until you reach the walk-way leading to the deck.  5. Exit on St. Paul the same place you entered.

IF WALKING YOUR STAR TO THE DROP-OFF AREA1. enter from St. Paul 2. Park in row 2, 3,4, etc.  3. Walk your STAR all the way to the sidewalk.

WHEN PICKING UP – Follow the same route as drop-off.  If you are parking, please walk up and get them as we’d prefer them not to leave the grassy area and run between cars to meet you at your parked car.  

EVERYONE must exit to St. Paul Ave.  NO ONE may exit out onto Broad St.  

In-studio procedures:

  • We are excited to say that we will be re-opening our lobby to ONE adult per STAR (siblings and extra family members will not be allowed) The only exception is a sibling who dances in a later class on the same night.  
  • Please do not arrive any more than 10 minutes before your child’s first class. If you do, please have your dancer/twirler wait in your car with you.  Please do not leave the parking lot until you see that your STAR has entered the building. 
  • Masks will be optional. Should the need arise to change this policy, you will be notified. 
  • Once inside, your child will need to use our touchless hand sanitizing station.
  • We will be re-opening the Pepsi machine BUT we will not be wiping it down between uses. That will be left up to the “user”.  
  • Twirlers will be exchanging batons in class. If you prefer your STAR not to do so, please notify us in writing. 
  • Classes will be dismissed at XX:25 and XX:55.  Once done for the night, dancers will be asked to gather their belongings and leave promptly. Please be sure to be here waiting for them as they are dismissed. 
  • Our dance rooms will be sanitized each night after the final STAR has left the building.

Parent/Guardian responsibilities:

  • Please review safety measures with your STAR.
  • If your STAR/anyone they’ve had contact with are not feeling well, have a fever, etc. please keep your STAR at home.
  • Please drop-off/pick-up your STAR promptly to avoid over-crowding in our lobby.

Rising Stars staff responsibilities:

  • Please know that the entire Rising Stars staff will treat your child (and therefore, her health and safety) as if she is our own, because in our hearts she is.