Pre-School Dance Classes


25 minutes of ballet, 20 minutes of tap and 15 minutes of tumble

This first portion of class incorporates the fundamentals of ballet movement for the pre-school level dancer. Individualized attention to our youngest dancers is given as they learn beginning terminology & steps. Students will learn ballet & tap terminology, use of barre, warm-up exercises and combinations as well as listening skills, how to take turns and follow directions.  While enjoying dance class, students are learning to work on basic motor skills including running, skipping, hopping, leaping & jumping. In tap, students will begin to learn single & double sounds with an emphasis on musicality and music awareness while learning rhythms and enhancing their fine motor skills. This class develops not only movement, flexibility and balance, but also individuality & peer group skills.


Girls: Any color leotard (tights are optional but preferred) leather ballet shoes (white will be required for the recital), black patent leather tap shoes, short dance skirts are allowed.

Boys: Any solid color T-shirt and black dance pants, sweatpants or shorts, black leather ballet shoes, black tap shoes

Hair must be pulled back into either a bun, a braid or a ponytail for every lesson.
No bare midriffs. Blue jeans, denim shorts/capris and dresses are not allowed.