Contemporary Dance Classes

45 min. classes

Contemporary is a hybrid of ballet, jazz, lyrical and modern dance styles. It is a ballet-based technique that allows a greater range of movement than the strict body lines and foot work in traditional schools of ballet. Contemporary exposes dancers to a wide range of techniques that fosters versatility. This class focuses on centering, strengthening the body, increasing flexibility, improving balance, proper placement, body alignment, fluidity and emotion. The dancer learns to let the music and their own passion guide the movement. The class consists of a warm up with stretching, centre work, and a full dance routine at the end of the class which is all set to contemporary music. The class will let your student express him- or herself through dance and music.


Girls: Any color leotard or tight fitting top, jazz pants or bike shorts, (tights are optional but preferred), bare feet or foot-undeez
Boys: Any solid color T-shirt and black dance pants, sweatpants or shorts, bare feet

Hair must be pulled back into either a bun, a braid or a ponytail for every lesson.
No bare midriffs. Blue jeans, denim shorts/capris and dresses are not allowed.