Ballet Dance Classes

Levels Blue thru Purple are 30 min. classes – Silver, Gold & Platinum are 45 min.

Ballet is the basis of all dance.  The technique that is taught in the ballet classroom will give a jazz dancer or twirler the strength and control needed to excel.  The quick movements mastered in ballet will increase a clogger or tapper’s speed and agility.  The flexibility, extension and toe stretch of a ballerina will make her a gorgeous tumbler, pommer or cheerleader.  All in all, the art of ballet will greatly increase your student’s ability to excel in any dance form while giving them the graceful posture to make them a STAR!


Girls: Any color leotard or tight fitting top, jazz pants or bike shorts, (tights are optional but preferred) leather ballet shoes (white will be required for the recital unless your instructor states otherwise), short dance skirts are allowed.
Boys: Any solid color T-shirt and black dance pants, sweatpants or shorts, black leather ballet shoes

Hair must be pulled back into either a bun, a braid or a ponytail for every lesson.
No bare midriffs. Blue jeans, denim shorts/capris and dresses are not allowed.