Dance Classes

Classes are held each week Monday through Thursday, 4:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

We offer once a week dance classes for individuals ages 3 through adult from the recreational through the competitive level.

Our classes aren’t just for girls!  Guys love to dance too, right?!  And why shouldn’t they?!  We are committed to breaking down the barriers and erasing the falsehood that boys can’t/shouldn’t twirl, tumble or dance.  Everything we offer at Rising Stars requires athleticism, agility, focus, dedication, desire, flexibility, strength, balance, hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills, all of the same “tools” required for football, soccer, or any other sport.  In fact, several ball players over the years have been known to take dance to help them develop these skills to enhance their sport. Does your son, nephew, grandson want to dance?  Check out our list of class offerings!

Most classes have 1 instructor and 1 assistant.  Younger classes have an average class size of 6-8 while the older classes have an average class size of 8-12.

Private and semi-private lessons are available upon instructor approval.  A class lesson in the same subject is required.

Although parents/guardians, friends and siblings are not allowed in the actual classes, each of our classrooms have viewing windows through which you are more than welcome to observe each and every class.

Our students are placed in their classes according to their age, ability and experience.  One or all may apply when placing the dancer in an appropriate class level.  It’s been said, “Each child has a gift, some of them open their gifts at different times.”  We have found this to be so true and we believe that each child should be allowed to experience all aspects of the classroom setting.  Some years they may be at the bottom of the class, or the top, or even the middle.  No one place is any better, each creates a different experience.  One year they might look up to someone in their class, another year they might be the role model everyone is looking up to.  No matter where they fall in the class, that experience is teaching them valuable life lessons.

Learn more about our class offerings, descriptions, attire, etc.!