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Rising Stars has been providing high quality baton, tumbling and dance education to our Beloit and the surrounding communities since 1998.  Our studio represents a positive learning environment where twirlers, tumblers and dancers can have fun, be creative and experience the incredible world of dance. It is our hope that your STAR will carry the disciplines of dance into their everyday lives, helping to build the self-confidence, poise and self-esteem that will benefit them throughout their entire lifetime.  We assure you that your dancer will receive a high quality dance education in a fun, healthy, loving environment.  You will see your STAR involved in a wholesome activity that contributes to the growth and development of both their ability and their personality.  It is our goal to bring out the best in each and every one of our students and we hope to not only build a solid dance foundation, but also to provide our students with priceless and memorable life experiences and friendships.